Can You Really Succeed Growing Herbs In Pots?

When we talk about herb gardens, perhaps the most common way to grow herbs is in pots. Growing herbs in pots has a number of advantages. There are also a couple things to keep in mind when growing herbs in pots as well.

When growing herbs in pots the size of the pot will make a difference. Certain types of herbs need more room than others. A good rule of thumb is to use a pot no smaller than ten inches in diameter. This will allow plenty of room for roots to grow. Larger containers, such as half barrels or large urn style containers are perfect for growing more than one type of herb in the same pot. Just be sure that whatever herbs you plant together require similar conditions.

The planting material you use will make a big difference when you are growing herbs in pots. Often, gardeners think that any old soil will do. But in fact, potting soil is much different than top soil. It is enriched with things like fertilizer and plant food and some of the higher end varieties contain coconut fibers which absorb water to keep plants hydrated longer. It is acceptable to add a little bit of organic compost to potting mix if you’d like, just be careful to watch the pH level.

Another crucial element of growing herbs in pots is sunlight. Plants need 4-6 hours of sunlight per day, so be sure to place your herbs in a spot where they can get this light. One of the advantages to growing herbs in pots is that it is easy to move them indoors in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Just be sure if you have brought your plants in that you either place them near a sunny window or supplement their light with a grow light.

As stated earlier, there are several advantages to growing herbs in pots. The first being ease of movement, both for you and the plant. Herb plants need a certain climate for optimum growth and when conditions are too hot, too cold, too shady or too sunny, growing herbs in pots allows you to easily move the plant to a better location. Since potted plants can be planted on an outdoor table or potting bench, you won’t be hunched over getting a sore back, or kneeling and getting sore knees, so it allows for your ease of movement as well at the end of the gardening day.

If space is limited, growing herbs in pots may be the ideal situation for you. There are a number of lovely decorative stands to hold pots of all sizes, allowing you to fit multiple pots in the footprint of just one or two pots. Hanging pots offer even more options and are ideal for plants like rosemary or thyme, which when grown, grow like small shrubs and bush out rather than growing tall.

Growing herbs in pots is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. It’s inexpensive, so you have little to lose but much to gain from all the beautiful colors, flavors and scents.


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